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Ucrós Elétrica Energy Cycle
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Presidency of the Republic - Colombia
They are seeing the simplest free energy machine, where the South American Republic of Colombia Carlos Ucrós Piedrahita, passport book 73080905 Military Sub-Navy officer 7608714 with these systems Electric Cycle Multiplier Ucrós using two batteries only non-toxic outside of Colombia sent without batteries are not allowed in Cargo Aircraft that are installed in your country, at a cost in America and Europe the 5 kW system regulations in Europe is dealt as it depends on 10% power of the power Grid and the machine gives 90% of electricity having a great saving on your medidor.y consumption value is $ 5,000 dollars and sent armo from 5 kw. onwards this is the most economical does not include cost of shipping by air cargo DHL is by separately according to the distance of his country and the most expensive system is completely self-contained system that uses the handle and its implementation is with an external voltage no batteries the system of 5 kW is USD $ 15,000 does not include the value sent is by the buyer, and the machine green using flywheel inertia in the medium this uses two batteries and generator and an inverter is completely Autonomous the machine is turned with Auto Batteries equal to but unused fuel operation is fully electric Auto Cycle is maintained to be on 365 days a year and Dar Electricity consumption for your home or business or farm. Machines 50,100, and 200 Kw these machines not sent by their weight but if I advise Attending Distance sent flat list of components to be purchased by the individual and arm themselves directly in his country with the help of a local engineer assisted by me I'm the innovative all my machines use the same principle used the new way of transforming eNERGY wITH mY sYSTEM mI INNOVATION POWER CYCLE UCROS contact me the system long Autonomy applied to cars, boats, aircraft and Drones these armo them and sell systems by hours or days you require autonomy the value varies according to the time required autonomy. email Skype kits-Ucros
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We need more partners / investors in America, Europe and Asia, for electricity, Electric Power Cycle Autonomous UCROS project. by the Colombian innovative own Carlos Ucrós Piedrahita certificates of the Republic of Colombia South America and its systems function (research of energy - renewable) experts in the field of energy production - electricity, all the tests based are viable in their role and techniques, this new system of machines for the production of energy - electricity, can produce at different rates in different ways: energy - electricity, energy - autonomous electric cycle using different components depending on the machine on which you use the handle and two counterweights crescent is a seesaw helped by Earth's gravity and a reducing motor calculations are according to Kw used in the machine etc. It is very positive in their technical skills and industrial marketing. I'm the inventor of a new system of machinery for energy production? electric, and for the realization of this project need private investors and partners; who want to participate in selling manufacturing licenses, considering that use free energy though disguised under the name of Electric Power Cycle UCROS Autonoma, or in carrying out this project innovative system Machines for the production of energy? Power, Energy - Electric Cycle. etc. Renewable energy: this new system does not depend on any company, individual inventor. how technology is unique in the world does not exist any similar system. system characteristics and advantages of modern technology machines produce more energy? power than any other system of energy machines. Free Electric Power production without limits. no emissions of carbon dioxide c02. without using the Sun, Wind, Batteries is unique and more economical to manufacture by armed kw energy sources in use actualmente.Su maintenance is only greasing bearings in Electro mechanical machines and on the machine without any maintenance mechanical bearings which depends on 10% of the electricity grid and the machine gives me 90% of energy consumption.
A statement to the readers of my website before reading the instructions you are free to decide in relation to the purchase of system solar and wind energy value per Kw armed for example compare the value of existing systems kw ie 1,000 watts of solar and wind energy solar brings a kit of panels, inverter and battery bank and raises the armed kw and wind tower height more blades wind, in short I give the most economical system kw Armado.
Hello everyone and they saw the Japanese invented a charger 5 minute to 80 aja kilometers and as worth US $ 60,000 Dollars seek business dependency of electric cars and this Colombian to innovated several systems to be installed at the electric car and gives a 4 autonomy, or 8.24 hour or 2,500 hours as the most expensive.
Businessman looking coches.Barcos manufacturer, Aircraft, electrical system Drones or individuals have autonomy of hours or days of a small mantenimiento.en the long autonomy.
with an advance of U.S. $? .000 according to agreement with customer 15% more dollars per system sold demand in each car, or ship.
This system is installed in electric cars or that WANT ship and the car stopped see being in a house or farm the same energy system used is a power plant in summary sold as a power source for self and as a power plant for home, business or farm.
Buy other systems such as multiplier home or business where the system depends on 10% of the energy network and the remaining 90% is derived from my Ucrós multiplier system. Armed sold out 5 kw according to the order of voltages 110, 220, 360 volts AC. U.S.D. $ 5,000 dollars does not include cost of shipping it is separate dollars to change its currency of their country. negotiate the armed remotely by sending flat list of components assemble and remote support to save sent Electricians and cost goes better build it in your paispreferible large systems.
Payment systems sent that use to make payment by bank transfer sale is my account or Western Union shipments led to Barranquilla Colombia South America.
I sent the machine data to your country by DHL air freight, or that company that reaches WANT your country delivery door to door delivery or your local offices.
for only U.S. $? dollars in U.S.A. Y ? euros in Europe sent by bank transfer or western union, this is an agreement with the interested party. to pay in Colombia in Colombian pesos.
this plant is a personal non-commercial use and we would have to reach an agreement with the innovative sales percentage of 15% contact Ucrós innovative Carlos Piedrahita.
Note: A message engineers and electrical technicians.
Do not be fooled seeing my system and I say this I copy and armo without paying the innovator, this easy for me. in this system and been careful not teach much in my videos I do it for security to the illegal copying.
Note: --------- may wonder if it already exists these free energy systems for the mass production of these systems are not proliferates, it is because of the large multinationals, you should know first banned patents free energy everything that threatens their interests do not give roads, banks do not lend money for this purpose, and if you make a vera free energy analysis by armed kw out cheaper than the current energies in trade. they seek the dependence of these businesses and one of the most rustic and durable is my system slightly greasing maintenance Cranks every three months and that is in terms if for the system has a durability of continuous operation for more than 20 years now use the generator function is guaranteed for 20 years in which climate want and why more than touches me negotiate my means and that is what I do through my web modest that I myself and the capital of my clients is the capital to labor and work up at the request of customers who need my system for personal, noncommercial use only for your savings and interest in Enterprise, Micro Enterprise, business, farm and home. These systems vary in size and height according to the kw I have small seesaws low rise, this system can be installed on boats, yachts, electric trucks in this case beams that are at low altitude easily mounted at the rear of the cabin arm themselves trucks, home and buildings in the green areas and patios and even in a garage of a fifth, you can put together indoors and outdoors.
Many inventors of modern times have ridiculed the current oil energy model to show that we can live without oil getting all the energy we need from other sources that hide from us as water, air or magnets. Unfortunate mind, most of these inventors have naively made the same mistakes again and again ending their bones in jail or underground.
Some of the mistakes made by the inventors were as follows:
Patenting the revolutionary invention and claim to have rights-> Error
Offer the invention to a company that finances -> Error
Appearing on television and newspapers proclaiming his invention -> Error
Trying to convince a politician of his revolutionary invention -> Error
Donate the invention to a state or government for the common good -> Error
jealously guard their knowledge, documents and drawings of his inventions for themselves and take them to the grave when they are killed-> THE BIGGEST ERROR
We hope these statements serve as reflection points for current and future inventors to awaken to reality, be smarter and not fall into the same death trap.
"When you have a revolutionary invention, before looking at who benefits, stay tuned to the power of that to which he harms"




Himno Nacional de la República de Colombia
Presidencia de la República - Colombia

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